Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breakfast Pizza


Last night I made a pasta with broccoli raab  and great northern beans, and thought that I would make a pizza with some of the left overs.  This lovely breakfast pizza has vitamins K, A, C, D, E, manganese, vitamins B6 and B12, dietary fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and iodine just to name a few.

I made my pizza dough with bread dough actually and shaped it into a rectangle.  I then topped it with olive oil, mashed beans with rosemary and thyme (for the sauce), some kale and beet greens, fresh mozzarella, potatoes and an over easy egg.  I decided not to cook the egg with the pizza because I don't like my eggs overcooked and prefer them to be creamy.  

I like my crust with some color but I still want it to be on the chewy side, so I have a trick for accomplishing that which I reveal after Thursdays' dinner at the Duttons.  

The egg just made it a homerun.  Super good and easy to do when you have awesome ingredients.


  1. What?!!! Not sharing tricks pre-throwdown? I see how it is. I've shared my special crust 2-stage techniques but you're holding out on me. Oh it's so on now...

  2. All is fair is love and war my friend. There will plenty of opportunity for sharing (bragging) after the throw down. :)