Monday, April 4, 2011

Korean Fried Tofu in a Sweet-Soy Garlic sauce

This is one delicious meal!  I made it as part of our Soup Sunday fare and it was a huge hit.  I wouldn't recommend using this batter technique unless you plan on tossing the tofu in some sort of sauce.  I have made mole tofu this way and it was out of this world!  I hope you make this for your family and tell me what you think.

Korean Fried Tofu
 America's Test Kitchen

3 quarts vege oil ( I use a fry-daddy so I use much less)
1 1/2 c cornstarch; place 1 c in a bowl and 1/2 c in another 
1 x 16oz block of extra firm organic tofu ( no gmo's would be ideal), drained and cut into strips; see below
1 c water ( add to the bowl with 1 c cornstarch in it and mix to combine)
2 scallions, sliced thin and the bias; garnish
1 Tbsp fresh cilantro leaves minced; garnish

This is my high tech way of  removing the excess liquid from the tofu.  I place a kitchen towel down and then place my tofu onto it.  I cover with another kitchen towel and place a brick over the top towel and directly on top of the tofu.  I let it sit for at least 1/2 hour.

While this is draining I make the sauce........

Sweet-Soy Garlic Sauce
America's Test Kitchen

*Place all of the ingredients into a saucepan as it will need to go into one anyway ; no need to dirty up any extra dishes*

1/2 c sugar
1/4 c tamari
1/4 c water
3 medium garlic cloves pressed through a garlic press
1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 tsp sriracha ( I use 2 tsp)

Heat over medium heat until syrupy, about 5 min.  Let cool to room temperature.

Now that the tofu is drained and the sauce is made it's time to fry it up.  Place the oil in a dutch oven with a candy / fry thermometer attached.  Wait until the oil reaches 350 degrees.  Or in my case heat the oil in a fry-daddy or deep fryer or your choice.

You'll need to dredge the tofu strips in the 1/2 c of cornstarch first and then place them in the water / cornstarch mixture you made earlier.  Fry them in batches until they are golden brown.  I remove excess oil by placing the tofu onto paper grocery bags then place into a bowl.

Once the tofu has been completely fried you top with the sauce and gently stir to combine.

And there you have it.  Place this delicious tofu over some rice and top with the garnishes and you'll have a delicious meatless meal.

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