Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homework assignment #3

Finally completed my homework for the Seasonal Table.  Love this class and will be sad when I won't be able to sign up for it.  Maybe I'll sign up using Ryan's info?  I decided to make pizza, cake, and frosting from the book for vege Wednesdays and to celebrate Erica's birthday.  I decided not to post the recipes, but instead just tell you what pages they can be found in and what we all thought of it. The picture used was actually the cake with some mascarpone - espresso filling, vanilla ice cream, and a homemade marshmallow "ghoul."

Pizza dough page 60
Chocolate cake page 370 - 371
Simple frosting page 386


  1. I really liked the pizza dough. It was not as thin as my usual crust, which made it memorable. I allowed the "starter" to sit for about 4 hours, then added the rest of the ingredients to complete the dough.

    The cake was good. It wasn't dry or too dense. The filling was really good and I added some cream cheese to the frosting recipe in order to cover the cake. I didn't feel that the original recipe would have made enough frosting to cover the layered cake.

    It was a fun night. Thanks you ladies for joining us for dinner.

  2. Thanks for hosting and cooking a lovely dinner!

    I loved your new pizza crust. It was crunch on the outside and the edges, but nice and chewy in the center. Just the way I like it! Rubbing the crust with roasted garlic made it really good, too. I LOVED the cake. The espresso frosting was wonerful--just enough espresso flavor to go with the rich chocolate. Really, really good. Your marshmallows were really cute and festive, and I liked the hint of orange flavor.

    Thanks once again for a fabulous dinner!